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Da Terra With Love.

// About us

DaTerra was born out of the passion for ceramics, through the hands of a seasoned team with more than 20 years of expertise in the design, development and distribution of home products all around the world. Our travelling experiences, retail trips and contrasted concepts of style, have shaped the way we create beautiful products to enjoy in the company of family and friends.

Unique designs married with natural, yet noble materials we know how to work well, enable us to produce them in Portugal, with love, by the hand of fellow ceramists, wood workers, textile technicians and other artists and craftsmen.

// Inspiration

We explore the wonders and beauty of the Earth and wish for that one special place or intriguing distant culture that will captivate our attention. As soon as we find it, the creative team and the artisans work together to transform the appeal of that place into the bold and unique designs of DaTerra.

// Quality & Performance

Our ceramic collections are made out of a Porcelanic Stoneware, with high mechanical and thermal resistance. All pieces are freezer, oven & microwave safe and can go in dishwasher.

// Production Process

Our pieces are handmade and painted by the hands of experienced artisans in a factory in Portugal. We wish to preserve the regional know-how and this is why we want to produce the pieces as humanly as possible. Of course this means no two pieces are ever the same, but actually that’s the beauty of what we do.